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Paper cup making machine Bangalore

Paper cup making machine

Bangalore, the urban metropolitan city in South India, has one of the largest numbers of working population in the country. Hence, the consumption of beverages is the highest in the city. There are about hundreds to thousands of coffee shops, cafeterias, restaurants, pubs, clubs, gaming centers, theaters, hangouts, bars, night clubs, amusement parks and all sorts of places to hang out and get entertained. Further, IT hubs, multiplexes, multistoried offices, etc. make today’s Bangalore. The city transcended from its retirement age holiday tourist destination to one of the most leading IT hubs of India where the highest amount of software development takes place. So, imagine the demand for beverages such as coffee, tea, fruit juices, soft drinks, sodas, liquor, packaged foods, noodles, ice creams, etc. Subsequently, you may also imagine the demand for paper cups and even further the demand for paper cup making machine in Bangalore. Not only in Bangalore, we also supply our paper cup making machines in Mysore, Hubli, Mangalore, Belgaum and other areas of Karnataka.

Paper cup machinery Bangalore

In this high tech city, since the demand is too high, only high speed automatic paper cup making machine with the latest technologies will suffice to meet the demand. The paper cup machinery must need to produce about 50 to 80 cups per minute at a rate of more than one cup per second. This must amount to at least 5000 cups per hour and about 40000 per eight hour session. This will help meet the demand for paper cups in Bangalore. You can also make the most out of our high capacity and highly productive paper cup machinery. And so, order the best of our machines to keep yourself in profit for a long time.

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